Leopard found unconscious in central India: SDO reports cow prey, no movement despite nearby people

Leopard found unconscious in central India: SDO reports cow prey, no movement despite nearby people

A leopard was found in a semi-conscious state in central India’s Madhya Pradesh. According to forest officials, the leopard had preyed on a cow and was sitting nearby in a crouched position. Despite villagers approaching the leopard, it did not show any signs of movement.

The incident took place in the Nayakheda area of the Navra Range in Nepanagar town located in Burhanpur district on July 9.

Visuals showed a leopard found unconscious by the villagers was placed in a cage by the police and forest team. The cage, containing the leopard, was then loaded onto a tempo. The authorities intended to transport the leopard to a safe location for further care. The scene depicted a large metal cage securely fastened in the back of the tempo, with the tranquilized leopard lying inside, while the officials ensured everything was prepared for a safe journey.

SDO Burhanpur, Ajay Sagar, stated that the department received information from the villagers about the leopard sitting in a banana field in Nayakheda on Tuesday afternoon. The SDO suggested that the leopard might have been bitten by a snake or affected by another cause, which is being investigated. The leopard had preyed on a cow shortly before being found. Ranger Tarun Aniya mentioned that medical treatment is being provided, and if there is no improvement in the leopard’s condition, it will be sent to Indore.

The dense forests of Nepanagar and Navra have a high population of wildlife, including leopards, which are often seen in the area. Recently, a leopard had attacked villagers, prompting the Forest Department to rescue and release it in the Khaknar forests. The district borders the Melghat Tiger Reserve area near Dedtalai and Khaknar, leading to frequent wildlife sightings.

Workers in Nayakheda, Nepanagar, spotted a leopard while working in the fields. They informed the forest officials, who, with the help of the villagers, successfully captured the leopard. The Forest Department reported that after a medical examination, the leopard would be sent to a sanctuary. According to the officials, the leopard might be unconscious due to a snake bite.

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