Leopard rescued from village in southern India

Leopard rescued from village in southern India

A leopard was rescued from a village house in southern India’s Karnataka.

The incident happened in the Muddulingiahnadoddi in Tumakaru district on January 6.

Visuals showed the angry leopard growling inside the house owned by a man named Shivanna, as it was being watched from outside. The wild animal roared wildly as its eyes gleamed in the dark. According to a report, Mahammed Mansoor, the RFO of Kunigal range headed the rescue operation of the leopard. His team included staff members, who have been identified as Mahesh, Sharanappa, Shakar and Yuvaraju.


The leopard was later seen sitting inside of a cage where it was kept after being captured. It was learnt that a tranquiliser was not used in capturing the wild animal.

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