Leopard sighted in wheat fields causes panic in northern India

Leopard sighted in wheat fields causes panic in northern India

A leopard sighting in agricultural fields of northern India’s Uttar Pradesh has sparked fear and concern among locals.

The incident took place in the area of Haidergarh in Barabanki on April 19.

Visuals showed villagers witnessing a leopard prowling amidst the golden wheat fields.

A leopard was spotted in a wheat field, causing panic in the area of Haidergarh (Barabanki). Even a day later, the terror of the leopard remained.

On Friday morning, the leopard was seen near the village of Baba Ka Purwa, crossing a canal into the wheat fields. Earlier, on Thursday evening, the leopard was first spotted in Kunwar Bahadur Singh’s garden near a pump, by the Lucknow-Sultanpur highway, near the village of Kharsatiya.

People made videos and informed the forest department and police. Following this, the forest department’s team began searching for the leopard by encircling the area late at night. During this time, the team could only find traces of the leopard’s footprints in some places.

On Friday morning, residents of Kharsatiya village, including Gajraj Yadav, went to the wheat fields near Pechrua, claiming to have seen the leopard crossing the canal near Baba Ka Purwa. Due to this, amidst the terror in the area, people have stopped going for walks and venturing into the fields away from the settlement. RK Tiwari, the forest area officer, said that combing operations are underway to locate the leopard.

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