Leopard spotted inside school in northern India sparks search operation

Leopard spotted inside school in northern India sparks search operation

In a startling turn of events, residents of the serene hill town of northern India’s Uttarakhand, were on high alert as news broke of a leopard’s presence within the premises of a private school.

The incident took place in Mussoorie on May 15.

Visuals showed the leopard roaming freely in the neighborhood though got scared on arrival of humans.

The unexpected visitor prompted swift action from the local forest department, triggering a large-scale search operation to locate and safely contain the elusive feline.

The tranquil ambiance of the school grounds was disrupted as students and staff found themselves face to face with the majestic predator, sparking a wave of concern and urgency among the community. With safety as their top priority, authorities swiftly mobilized teams equipped with tranquilizers and tracking devices, determined to ensure the safe removal of the leopard from the vicinity.

As news of the incident spread, residents and visitors alike were urged to exercise caution and remain vigilant while venturing outdoors.

In the midst of this unprecedented event, the resilience and readiness of the local authorities underscored the importance of proactive measures in safeguarding both human and wildlife populations. With the search operation underway, the community remains on edge, hopeful for a swift and safe resolution to this unexpected wildlife encounter.


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