Leopard successfully rescued after two-day operation in southern India

Leopard successfully rescued after two-day operation in southern India

A leopard rescue operation concluded successfully after the animal fell into a pit near an old paper mill, causing initial panic among locals in southern India’s Andhra Pradesh.


The incident took place near Devanagaram village in Giddalur mandal, Prakasam district on June 27.

Visuals showed that to capture the leopard, the rescue team first set up a net trap around the pit where the leopard had fallen. The net created a secure barrier to ensure the leopard couldn’t escape during the night. Early the next morning, the team devised a plan to lure the leopard into a cage. They placed a goat near the entrance of the cage as bait. Once the leopard entered, the team quickly secured the cage, successfully capturing the animal. The leopard was then safely contained within the cage, ready to be transported and released back into the wild.


The incident occurred when the leopard was spotted near Devanagaram village on Wednesday evening, sparking fear among the residents. The animal accidentally fell into a pit near the village, prompting immediate action from the forest officials. The rescue operation began on Wednesday but had to be paused as darkness fell, making it difficult for the officials to continue. To ensure the leopard remained in the pit overnight, a net fence was set up around the area.


On Thursday morning, the rescue operation resumed with renewed efforts. A special rescue team from Tirupati was brought in to assist in safely extracting the leopard from the pit and releasing it back into the wild. Forest officials made all necessary arrangements, including setting up a cage and using a goat to lure the leopard.

The rescue operation was led by BNS Murthy, the field director of the three districts. His expertise proved crucial in successfully capturing the leopard. The villagers of Devanagaram and the surrounding areas finally breathed a sigh of relief as the leopard was safely rescued and prepared for release into the forest.


This incident follows a tragic event two days earlier when a leopard attacked and killed a woman in the Nandyala forest area between Giddalur and Nandyala. The recent sightings and attacks have heightened the sense of urgency among the forest officials to ensure the safety of the local residents.


The successful rescue operation has provided a sense of relief and safety to the people of Giddalur mandal, who were living in fear of the wild animal.

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