Leopard unleashes violent attack on villagers in northern India

Leopard unleashes violent attack on villagers in northern India



A leopard attacked two women and a man in a violent assault in northern India’s Uttarakhand.

The incident reportedly happened at the Bhaura village in Almora district on November 28.

Visuals showed the chilling moment when the wild animal attacked the two women. It first brought down one of them and later, pounced on another as she tried to escape. The incident happened in an open area and the leopard escaped after attacking the two. According to a report, the victims of this attack have been identified as Sumit Kumar, his mother Pushpa Devi and neighbour Bachuli Devi.

Sumit was fixing a tap near his house with the two women standing beside him when the leopard, which had strayed into the village from a nearby forest, attacked Sumit. It then turned its attention to the two women, who reportedly tried to save him.

All three suffered serious injuries in this brutal attack and were taken to the Community Health Centre by the villagers. Visuals emerged of a doctor checking on their injuries as people crowded the area.

The report further claims that this attack has both scared and enraged the villagers, with social worker Narayan Rawat claiming that he had informed about this to the forest department but no action was taken. The people have demanded that cages be put in the area and that the injured receive compensation.

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