Leopards enter residential area in western India, rescued

Leopards enter residential area in western India, rescued

Two leopards entered residential houses in western India’s Gujarat, leaving a woman, a child, and a forest employee seriously injured.

The incident took place near Sukhnath Chowk in Girgrah in Gir Somnath on July 11.


Visuals showed a residential area becoming the setting for a tense standoff between leopards and the authorities. The area was teeming with police and rescue teams. One leopard was spotted hidden on a balcony of a house, perched precariously on a staircase. The atmosphere is filled with tension as residents remain confined to their rooftops, anxiously observing the unfolding events. The scene was a testament to the danger posed by the leopard, with a person lying injured in a hospital bed, having fallen victim to the leopard’s attack.

Among those affected, a woman, a child, and a forest employee suffered serious injuries due to encounters with the leopards. The gravity of their conditions warranted immediate medical attention.

Promptly responding to the situation, the Forest Department and Girgadhada Police initiated a joint operation to capture the intruding leopards. Their primary objective is to ensure the safety of the residents and mitigate the potential risks posed by wild animals.

The Forest Department successfully sedated and captured one leopard, confining it within a secure cage.

The Forest Department has initiated measures to capture the second leopard. Out of the three injured individuals, one woman was transferred to a medical facility due to the severity of her injuries.

Fear continues to grip the villagers of Girgadhada as they grapple with the ongoing presence of leopards in the vicinity.

Both leopards have been secured by the Forest Department to prevent further attacks and ensure public safety. They have been relocated to the Jasadhar Animal Care Center.

The capture of the leopards brings some relief to the villagers who have been living in fear. Efforts will continue to monitor and address any potential wildlife intrusions to safeguard the community.

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