Local man rescues drowning calf in northeastern India

Local man rescues drowning calf in northeastern India

The flood situation in northeastern India’s Assam has taken a turn for the worse, with rising waters causing widespread distress and displacement across the region.

The incident took place in Duliajan, Dibrugarh district, and the video went viral on July 4.

Visuals showed the calf struggling to stay afloat in the rapidly rising water. Without hesitation, a local man plunged into the dangerous currents to rescue the distressed animal. Battling the strong currents, the rescuer managed to reach the calf and bring it to safety.

According to reports, amid the chaos, a heartwarming act of bravery emerged from Duliajan, where a resident risked his life to save a drowning calf.

The incident occurred as floodwaters surged through the area, submerging fields and endangering both humans and animals.

Assam’s flood crisis has led to numerous such incidents where residents have shown remarkable bravery and solidarity in the face of adversity. Local authorities continue to work tirelessly to provide relief and support to affected communities.

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