Locals pelt stones over demolition of illegal constructed building in northern India

Locals pelt stones over demolition of illegal constructed building in northern India

Local residents pelted stones at the administration that had come to demolish an illegally constructed building in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

The incident took place in Akbar Nagar, Lucknow city on March 10 at 5:00 pm IST (Indian Standard Time).

Visuals shown under construction building collapsing. In another visual the same thing was seen. A massive crane have the building a knock and in a matter of seconds, the whole structure came crashing down. Locals ran away to save their lives as the building crumbled. A massive cloud of dust gathered at the spot where the building collapsed. As per a report, LDA VC Indramani Tripathi disclosed that the collapse of a commercial building resulted in harm to seven nearby houses, inciting a hostile reaction from certain troublemakers who opted to throw stones at the police.

In the beginning, inhabitants asserted that five individuals were trapped in the impacted residence and suffered serious injuries. Nevertheless, officials promptly denied these allegations, attributing the stone-pelting incident to rumors circulating among locals concerning the demolition of their residences. Acting swiftly, the police sealed off the entire area and even used mild force to restore order. Indramani Tripathi stated, “Contrary to the rumors, the structures being demolished were commercial properties, not residential. The Supreme Court had issued a stay on the demolition of these commercial structures until March 4th.”

The Vice-Chancellor of LDA attributed the stone-pelting incident to the residents’ fear and apprehension, which were fueled by rumors regarding the alleged intention of the LDA squad to demolish their homes. However, in compliance with the orders of the high court, the LDA has chosen not to take any action against residential properties until March 31.


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