Love turned tragic: lover’s brutal act after rejection in southern India

Love turned tragic: lover’s brutal act after rejection in southern India

In a shocking turn of events, a tragic love affair culminates in violence as a young man brutally murdered his lover before taking his own life in southern India’s Andhra Pradesh.


The incident took place in Satrampadu, Eluru district on May 30.

Visuals showed a desolate street witnessed a lover’s brutal act as he mercilessly stabbed his beloved multiple times, causing her to collapse lifelessly on the ground.


According to reports a quiet afternoon in Eluru city turned into a scene of horror as 22-year-old Ratna Gracie met a brutal end at the hands of her suitor, 23-year-old Yesuratnam. Desperate for Gracie’s affections, Yesuratnam’s unrequited love turned to rage, leading him to attack Gracie with a knife near her residence in Emrsi Colony.


Eyewitnesses report that Yesuratnam repeatedly struck Gracie’s neck with the weapon, resulting in her immediate death. Despite his heinous act, Yesuratnam did not escape the consequences of his actions, as he swiftly turned the knife on himself, inflicting fatal wounds.


Gracie’s grieving parents revealed that Yesuratnam had previously proposed marriage to their daughter, but she had declined his advances. Despite efforts to distance Gracie from Yesuratnam, tragedy struck, leaving the family shattered and mourning the loss of their beloved daughter.


Local authorities, upon receiving reports of the incident, swiftly arrived at the scene and rushed Yesuratnam to Eluru Government Hospital for urgent medical attention. His condition remains critical as the community struggles to come to terms with the senseless violence that has shaken them to the core.


The heartbreaking incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of unchecked obsession and the devastating consequences of unrequited love. As the investigation unfolds, the community mourns the loss of two young lives, grappling with the painful aftermath of a love story gone terribly wrong.

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