Major fire breaks out at mall in northern India, shoppers panic

Major fire breaks out at mall in northern India, shoppers panic

A major fire broke out a shopping mall in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh at around 12.15 PM, causing panic among the shoppers present in the mall.

The incident took place at Logix Mall in Noida’s Sector-24 on July 5.

Visuals showed after a devastating fire broke out in the mall, there was widespread chaos. The police and firefighters were present on the scene, and the area was filled with thick smoke.

According to reports, the fire started in one of the shops and quickly spread. Local police and fire department teams rushed to the scene upon receiving the information. Witnesses stated that the fire began with an explosion in a shop while many people were shopping in the mall. The rapid spread of smoke caused people to run towards the exits in fear.

Several fire brigade vehicles were deployed to extinguish the fire, and firefighters, along with other personnel, worked together to bring the situation under control. The fire caused significant damage to the mall, with the shop’s contents being completely burnt, and smoke affecting other shops as well. The exact cause of the fire is yet to be determined, but preliminary investigations suggest a short circuit as the likely reason.

Police have cordoned off the affected area and evacuated people from the vicinity to ensure safety.

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