Major fire engulfs diaper factory in western India

Major fire engulfs diaper factory in western India
A massive fire erupted early this morning at a diaper manufacturing factory, in western India’s Maharashtra.
The incident took place in located in the Saravali MIDC industrial area of Bhiwandi city on June 11.
Visuals showed the blaze, accompanied by dense smoke visible from several kilometers away, has severely damaged the facility. The whole infrastructure blazing with high flames was a a scary sight to witness with black soot covering the walls already. Emergency services rushed to the scene to combat the inferno, which threatened to spread to nearby structures. Firefighters have been working tirelessly to bring the situation under control, but the scale of the fire has posed significant challenges.
Local authorities are investigating the cause of the fire, and there have been no reports of casualties so far. The impact on the factory’s operations and the surrounding community is expected to be substantial, with potential repercussions for the supply chain and local employment.
Bhiwandi, a city in the Thane district near Mumbai, is known for its extensive industrial and textile activities. The Saravali MIDC area is a major hub for manufacturing and production, making this incident particularly significant for the region.
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