Man caught eating live snake on camera in northern India

Man caught eating live snake on camera in northern India

In a shocking and bizarre incident, notorious dacoit Ganga Prasad was filmed eating a live snake after his recent release from jail in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

The incident took place at Kishanpur Thana’s Kalka Ka Dera area in Fatehpur district on July 3.

Visuals showed the dacoit catching a snake from a river, biting off its head, and chewing it, while those filming questioned his actions.

Ganga Prasad, a feared member of the notorious Shankar Kevat gang, was recently released from jail after serving a lengthy sentence. According to sources familiar with the incident, Prasad was fulfilling his cravings for snakes, a habit he reportedly developed during his time in the wilderness.

The video, reportedly from Kishanpur Thana’s Kalka Ka Dera, begins with Prasad appearing to collect water from the river. However, he swiftly catches a snake, mutters unintelligible words, and then gruesomely bites off its head. Prasad then toys with the snake, tying it around his fist before walking away.

For years, Ganga Prasad has been a figure of terror in Fatehpur, known for his association with the Shankar Kevat gang, which is infamous for acts of looting and intimidation. His recent actions have only added to his fearsome reputation, highlighting his continued penchant for the bizarre and terrifying.


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