Man climbs down 60-foot-deep dry well to rescue peacock in northern India

A man risked his life to climb down a dry well and rescue a trapped peacock in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

The incident took place in Daulatpur village, located in Auraiya district, on April 12.

Visuals showed the man descending the well. Once he reaches there, the panicked peacock starts to move and flap its feathers. However, the man keeps his cool and safely climbs back up with the bird.

According to reports, villagers informed the local fire department after noticing the peacock stuck inside the well. After spotting the bird, fireman Ramesh Chandra Yadav got down by tying a rope around his waist. Others, who were standing near the edge of the well, helped the rescuer by using a torchlight.

The rescue was carried out by a team comprising firemen Ramesh Chandra Yadav, Bhanu Pratap Singh, Gajendra Singh, Vivek, Subhash and Ramakant.

The peacock was later released in the wild.

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