Man collapses due to heartache during workout in gym in northern India

Man collapses due to heartache during workout in gym in northern India
A man suddenly collapsed during warmup in a gym due to heartache in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.
The incident took place in Chetganj police station area of Varanasi on April 30.
Visuals showed the man sitting in the gym when suddenly he collapsed and fell on the ground. The people around started to run towards him to assist him. Despite their best efforts, they couldn’t bring him back to consciousness. Many people had gathered around the incident spot.
As per the report, the 32-year-old man was engaged in a workout session at the gym when he suddenly experienced intense head pain, leading to loss of consciousness. His companions rushed him to the nearest hospital, where medical professionals pronounced him deceased. The precise cause of death awaits clarification pending the medical examination. Identified as Deepak Gupta, aged 32, the individual was described as a fitness enthusiast by his elder brother Dilip. Dilip recounted that Deepak followed his usual routine of visiting the gym but later received news from a relative about his distressing health condition at the gym, ultimately resulting in his demise. The family revealed that Deepak had been a regular at the gym for a decade.
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