Man sets Guinness World Record for typing alphabet backwards in 2.88 seconds in southern India

Man sets Guinness World Record for typing alphabet backwards in 2.88 seconds in southern India

A lawyer from Telangana, located in southern India, has recently accomplished an extraordinary feat by setting a Guinness World Record (GWR). SK Ashraf achieved this remarkable milestone by typing the English alphabet backwards at an astonishing speed. In a mere 2.88 seconds, he secured his position in the record books, earning admiration from individuals across the globe.

This event took place in Telangana High Court Advocate Bar Association Hall, Hyderabad on February 5. It took place under the Telangana High Court Advocates Association President Sri Palle Nageswar Rao, Vice President Sri C. Kalyan Rao, Secretary Sri Pradeep Reddy Katta, Secretary Sri Devender Puli, Joint Secretary Sri Srinivas Byreddy, Treasurer Smt V Poornasri, Sports & Cultural Secretary Smt. Sharada Katakam, Senior E.C. Member Sri Krishna Kumar Naguluri, E.C. Member Sri Akula Saidulu, Senior Member Sri Sri Mummaneni Srinivasa Rao and other learned Members of the Telangana High Court Advocates’ Association Including Sri G Navin Kumar, Sri Naser Ali Khan, Sri S.Suman, Sri M.A Raheem, Sri Farhan, Sri Mustafa Bin Ahmed, Sri Mohammed Abdul Faizan Advocates & HIG others.

Visuals showed Ashraf seated in front of a laptop screen, fingers poised over the keyboard. With remarkable speed and precision, he begins typing, swiftly reversing all 26 letters of the alphabet. An observer stands nearby, diligently timing each keystroke.

In an interview with Newslions, SK Ashraf expressed his lifelong passion for computers, stating, “I have been a computer enthusiast since childhood.” Reflecting on his journey towards setting world records, he recounted an attempt in 2014, which, despite his effort, was dismissed as it introduced a new category rather than breaking an existing one. Undeterred, Ashraf highlighted his notable achievements in the record books, including holding the Guinness World Record for the ‘fastest time to type 1 to 50’ in 14.88 seconds, achieved in 2015. However, he acknowledged that this record was surpassed in June 2023 by Mejari Mallikarjuna from the neighboring Andhra Pradesh’s Chittoor district, who achieved a new milestone of typing the numbers from one to fifty in just 13.16 seconds.

Adding to his accolades, Ashraf mentioned his Guinness World Records for the fastest time to type the alphabet (A-Z) in 3.37 seconds in 2017, and for the ‘fastest time to type the alphabet blindfolded from A to Z with spaces’ in 4.13 seconds in the same year.

Beyond his achievements in the world of records, Ashraf also revealed facets of his professional and personal life. He is an advocate in the High Court and holds an M-tech degree. Ashraf proudly noted that he is the only advocate in India to hold such records, earning admiration from his colleagues. Additionally, he shared his past involvement as a national-level lawn tennis player, although financial constraints forced him to discontinue his pursuit in the sport.

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