Man shoots principle in northern India school

Man shoots principle in northern India school

In a shocking and violent incident, a man entered a high school in northern India’s Bihar, and shot the acting headmaster, Santosh Kumar, in the left leg. 


The attack took place in Telhara High School in the town of Nalanda on June 19.

Visuals showed the assailant, disguised with a muffler and armed with a pistol, approaching Kumar before firing a single shot. The gunman fled the scene immediately after the attack.


According to reports, Kumar was quickly rushed to Ekangarsarai Primary Health Center by his colleagues, where he is currently receiving medical treatment.


The attacker had initially called out to Kumar from outside the school. When Kumar did not respond, the gunman entered the office and carried out the shooting. This same individual had previously assaulted a student at the school but was released by police due to a lack of formal complaints.


Police responded promptly to the shooting and have detained two suspects in connection with the incident. Authorities believe that up to four individuals may have been involved in planning and executing the attack. The motive behind the shooting is still under investigation, with initial theories suggesting it was an attempt to spread fear within the community.

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