Man shoots shopkeeper in broad daylight over personal enmity in northern India

Man shoots shopkeeper in broad daylight over personal enmity in northern India

In a shocking incident, a shopkeeper in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh was shot in broad daylight over a personal dispute.

The incident took place in the Nagla Mewati area of Agra on May 17.

Visuals showed the victim, Aamir can be seen sitting at the clothes shop when Shahrukh came on a two-wheeler. Before Aamir could understand anything, Shahrukh fired at him. The bullet hit Aamir in the leg. Footage further shows that after hearing the sound of the gunshot, bystanders and other shopkeepers rushed to the scene and the accused Shahrukh ran away on the bike.


A shopkeeper in Agra was shot in his leg by a known criminal, Shahrukh, over a personal enmity. The incident, which occurred around 10 am, was captured on video and has sparked outrage among local residents. Despite prior threats and complaints to the police, no action had been taken against the accused, who remains at large.


The victim, identified as Aamir, was at his clothes shop in Nagla Mewati when the incident occurred. According to the Agra police, the shooter, Shahrukh, arrived on a two-wheeler and fired at Aamir without warning, striking him in the leg. The incident, recorded on video, shows Shahrukh fleeing the scene on his bike as bystanders and other shopkeepers rushed to help Aamir.

Aamir’s father revealed that Shahrukh had threatened his son with death if he did not pay an extortion amount. Despite Aamir reporting these threats to the local police, no preventive measures were taken. Aamir’s family and local residents have alleged that Shahrukh has a history of criminal behaviour and has been terrorizing the community for some time, making people afraid to come forward and file complaints against him.

The police have confirmed that Aamir is currently in stable condition at the hospital. In response to the incident, a police team has been formed to capture the absconding Shahrukh. “Upon receiving information about a youth being shot in the leg in Nagla Mewati under Police Station Tajganj area, Tajganj Police Station immediately reached the spot and admitted the injured youth to the hospital. A case has been registered and efforts are underway to nab Shahrukh,” stated the Agra police.

This incident has highlighted the need for more effective law enforcement and protection for citizens who face threats from criminals. The community is calling for swift justice and stricter measures to ensure such incidents do not recur.

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