Man spins dog by its leg, brutally smashes it on road in northern India

Man spins dog by its leg, brutally smashes it on road in northern India

In a shocking and tragic incident a man in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh brutally attacked a dog. 


The incident took place in Baraut city within Baghpat district on June 15.

Visuals showed the man spinning the dog by its leg and smashing it brutally onto the road. The man was surrounded by other barking dogs, and is seen inflicting severe harm on the innocent animal.


According to reports, the man has been identified as Savej, also known as Gattu, the son of Mehra Ban, residing near the Madina Mosque on the bank of the Nala.


The gruesome act has led to swift police action, with authorities launching an investigation. Social media users have been actively sharing the video, demanding that the Uttar Pradesh Police take strict measures against the perpetrator. Many have provided detailed information about the man, urging law enforcement to ensure he faces consequences for his actions.


The incident has drawn significant attention to the issue of animal cruelty in the region, highlighting the need for stronger enforcement of animal protection laws. Local residents and animal welfare organisations are calling for immediate and severe punishment for the attacker to prevent such incidents in the future.

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