Mass cheating unveiled in exam center in central India, teachers involved

Mass cheating unveiled in exam center in central India, teachers involved

A shocking incident of mass cheating has surfaced in central India’s Madhya Pradesh, where students were openly copying during exams with the help of their teachers. CCTV footage has exposed the malpractice, leading to an uproar and subsequent action by authorities.


The incident took place at the Government Higher Secondary School in Damoh district on July 5.

Visuals showed in the exam center, the scene was chaotic as students formed groups and blatantly cheated by copying answers from a book. No student remained in their assigned seat; instead, they huddled together, quickly scribbling down answers. Teachers were present in the room, but they did nothing to stop the students. The atmosphere was one of open and hurried cheating, with students moving around and collaborating without any intervention from the supervising staff.


According to SDM Vijay Singh, information was received on July 5th about widespread cheating at an exam center. Upon inspection, everything seemed normal. However, a video later emerged, revealing the true extent of the malpractice.


The footage, now viral on social media, shows a classroom filled with students brazenly cheating in groups during an exam, with teachers present but not intervening. Instead, they appear to assist the students in cheating. The incident is linked to Jiwaji University’s ongoing BA and B.Sc examinations, held at the Government Higher Secondary School in Damoh.


SDM Vijay Singh initially caught only three students cheating during his visit. However, a review of the CCTV footage exposed numerous students copying from guides and books, with teachers turning a blind eye. Singh described the situation as an “organized crime” and noted that such incidents have occurred before.


Following the exposure, SDM Vijay Singh reported the issue to Bhind Collector Sandeep Srivastava, highlighting the involvement of the exam center head and the principal. He recommended strict action against those responsible.


In response, Jiwaji University has canceled the Damoh exam center and relocated the exams to Alampur Higher Secondary School. The incident has sparked outrage and calls for stricter measures to prevent future occurrences of such malpractice.

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