Massive avalanche hits village in northern India

Massive avalanche hits village in northern India


The Yanigang glacier witnessed a massive avalanche hit the Khangsar village in northern India’s Himachal Pradesh.

The incident happened in Lahaul and Spiti district of the state, reportedly on November 30.

Visuals showed the snow that collapsed from the mountain forming a steady cloud that gradually started to get bigger as it tumbled down and approached the buildings at its base. The cloud started to increase in size as it slowly engulfed the whole area, causing strong winds and snowfall to occur at the spot.

According to a report, there has been no damage as a result of this avalanche. But a historian of the area named Mohan Lal said that such avalanches happen only in the month of January.

He also said that this is a result of global warming and with the construction of the Atal tunnel, the tourist valley has witnessed a large number of tourist vehicles, which has affected the environmental balance in the area.

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