Massive downpour causes damage to roadways in northern India

Massive downpour causes damage to roadways in northern India
Roadways in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh have got disrupted due to sudden rainfall.
The heavy rainfall took place in Ayodhya on June 24.
Visuals showed a group of people struggling to get a car out of a massive pothole on road. The locals were seen working effortlessly to get the car out which also appeared to be damaged near the head light. The pothole appears to be concerning and
According to reports, this was the first rain of Ayodhya since the consecration of Ram Temple. Satyendra Das, the chief priest of the Ram temple, stated that “The water started leaking in the first rain. The inside was flooded. It should be paid attention to what is lacking in what is made, due to which the water is leaking. One should also pay attention to what is made because it is very important. There is no place for water to drain and water also drips from above. Discussion over this problem is required and decide and a solution is required at its earliest. Otherwise, when the rains start, all the worship and darshan will be forced to stop.”
According to officials, the Jal Nigam Municipal Unit, which had laid a deep sewer line on the long Ram path also came into action after the disruption caused by rainfall. Traffic movement was affected for several hours at more than a dozen places on Ram path as roads with large chambers started forming potholes. However, after the rain stopped in the morning, the municipal workers hurriedly dumped all the potholes by putting stone ballasts.
Reportedly, within two hours of rain, the houses of locals have been flooded. There are 250-300 houses here, and all of them have been inundated with 2-3 feet of water.
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