Massive fire at Indian Oil CNG gas warehouse in central India

Massive fire at Indian Oil CNG gas warehouse in central India

A major fire broke out at the Indian Oil CNG gas warehouse in central India’s Madhya Pradesh, causing thick smoke to be visible from 2 kilometers away.

The incident took place at the Indian Oil CNG gas warehouse located near Chera village on MS Road in Morena on June 12.

Visuals showed the fire at the CNG gas warehouse was incredibly intense, with fierce flames leaping high into the air. Thick black smoke billowed upwards, creating an ominous and terrifying scene. The sight was extremely scary and dreadful as the entire warehouse was engulfed in flames, gradually burning down to ashes.

The blaze, whose cause is currently unknown, was reported around noon when smoke was seen rising from pipes stored on the ground.

Eyewitnesses reported that the smoke could be seen from a distance of approximately 2 kilometers. As a precautionary measure, traffic on both sides of Morena-Joura Road has been halted.

Emergency services responded promptly, with four fire trucks—three from Morena and one from Joura—arriving at the site. Administrative officials, including Joura SDOP Nitin Baghel, are on the scene managing the situation.

According to Baghel, the warehouse is situated in a resort rented by Indian Oil for the ongoing CNG pipeline installation project. At the time of the incident, more than six employees were present in the warehouse. Fortunately, there have been no reported injuries.

The authorities are investigating the cause of the fire while ensuring that the situation is brought under control as quickly as possible.

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