Massive fire at oil mill sparks explosions, trapping two families

Massive fire at oil mill sparks explosions, trapping two families

In the early hours of Wednesday, a massive fire broke out at the Siddhi Vinayak Oil Company in central India’s Madhya Pradesh, causing a series of explosions that frightened residents and led to the dramatic rescue of two families.

The incident took place in Chitavad Petrol Pump in Indore on June 5.

Visuals showed the massive fire and flames being sky high making visibility nil which in turn affected the rescue severely and damaged the mill to a large extent.

The blaze, which started around 3 a.m., quickly spread to two nearby flats, engulfing them in flames. Firefighters rushed to the scene with six fire engines and battled the inferno until morning. Eyewitnesses reported that the fire’s intensity was such that it was visible from a considerable distance, and loud explosions were heard as the fire raged on.

Rescue teams managed to evacuate two trapped families by wrapping them in wet blankets to protect them from the intense heat and smoke. Despite their efforts, the contents of the two flats were completely destroyed, and the glass windows of surrounding homes shattered due to the fire’s heat.

Local residents expressed their frustration, noting that they had previously warned the oil mill operators about fire hazards. This incident follows a history of similar events at the site, raising concerns about safety protocols.

The situation is under control now, but the community is shaken, and authorities are likely to investigate the cause of the fire to prevent future occurrences.

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