Massive fire breaks out at banquet hall in northern India

Massive fire breaks out at banquet hall in northern India

A massive fire broke out at a banquet hall in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

This incident happened at the Crystal Banquet Hall located in Vasundhara Sector-12, Ghaziabad on April 18.

Visuals showed the aftermath of the fire breaking out with firefighters trying their best to take control of the situation. The flames completely burnt one side of the hall and water was shot by the fire tenders in a bid to put it out. The flames raged on on the roof of the building and smoke emanated from the burnt area.

According to a report, the fire rapidly grew in intensity, causing extensive damage to the decorative items and reducing the contents of the tent house to ashes. Seven fire tenders are currently engaged in efforts to contain the blaze, although the exact cause of the fire remains unknown.

In Ghaziabad, Chief Fire Officer Rahul Pal reported that Fire Station Vaishali received notification of a fire at a farmhouse in Indirapuram. In response, four fire engines were dispatched to the scene. Recognizing the severity of the situation, an additional three vehicles were mobilized to assist.

Upon arrival, authorities discovered a massive fire engulfing the Crystal Banquet Hall near Vasundhara Sector 12 Police Station in Indirapuram. Despite efforts to ascertain the cause, it remains undetermined. The fire has resulted in the complete destruction of outdoor decorations and the contents of the tent house.

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