Massive fire breaks out at roadside hotel and wood depot in northern India

Massive fire breaks out at roadside hotel and wood depot in northern India

A massive fire broke out at a roadside hotel and a wood depot in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

This incident happened in Joya road of Didauli police station, Amroha district area on April 26..

Visuals showed the harrowing flames wreaking havoc at the spot. The fire only grew more and more intense and seemingly took a massive form which scared the locals who were present there. The people standing close to the spot rushed away in quick time to save their lives. Thick black plumes of smoke emanated from the area as the blaze gutted the roadside hotel and wood depot. It was learnt that the fire broke out in the hotel due to a short circuit. Furthermore, the fire grew intense with three cylinders exploding inside the hotel.

As flames soared, panic engulfed the vicinity, prompting immediate alerts to the fire department. Responding swiftly, a fire brigade arrived at the scene, battling relentlessly for two hours until the blaze was subdued.

The incident transpired alongside the highway in Joya town, Amroha. On Friday afternoon, a restaurant on the service road became ablaze due to a short circuit, escalating rapidly. The inferno intensified, causing gas cylinders within the eatery to explode, exacerbating the situation.

Adjacent wooden structures succumbed to the flames, consuming substantial quantities of wood. Preliminary estimations suggest losses exceeding Rs 2 lakh in property damage. Despite the challenging circumstances, the fire brigade’s diligent efforts successfully brought the conflagration under control.

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