Massive fire engulf textile factory in northern India , several fire trucks on site

Massive fire engulf textile factory in northern India , several fire trucks on site

A massive fire broke out at a textile factory in northern India’s Haryana. Fortunately, no casualties have been reported.

The incident took place at Sector 8 of Manesar in Gurugram District on May 30.

Visuals showed a factory was engulfed in a massive fire, with thick and intense flames rising high. The scene was chaotic as multiple teams of firefighters worked tirelessly to control the blaze. Numerous fire tender vehicles were on-site, their lights flashing as firefighters aimed hoses at the inferno, battling to bring it under control amidst the smoke and heat.

According to reports the fierce fire erupted in a textile factory located in Gurugram’s Manesar on Thursday evening. The blaze was so intense that despite several hours of rigorous efforts, firefighters were unable to completely contain it. Multiple fire trucks were dispatched to the scene, but the fire remains uncontrollable.

The fire started at approximately 5:30 PM at Plot Number 408 in Sector 8 of Manesar. The fire department received the alert and quickly deployed numerous fire engines to the site. However, due to strong winds, the fire spread rapidly, making it challenging to control. Firefighting units from Gurugram’s Sector 29 and Sector 37 were also called in. In total, around 35 fire engines were deployed to tackle the inferno.

Fortunately, the firefighters managed to prevent the fire from spreading to neighboring factories. While the textile factory suffered significant damage, there have been no reports of casualties. All employees were able to evacuate safely, which prevented any loss of life.

The exact cause of the fire remains undetermined, but initial suspicions point to a possible short circuit. The extreme heatwave currently affecting the country, with temperatures soaring above 40 degrees Celsius in many areas and nearing 50 degrees in some, has led to a surge in fire incidents.


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