Massive fire sets utensil and jewelry ablaze in northern India

Massive fire sets utensil and jewelry ablaze in northern India
A massive fire broke out in a utensil and jewelry shop in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.
The incident took place in Madhuban Utensils and Jewellers Bhandar in Gauri Bazar of Deoria district on June 30.
Visuals showed the shop engulfed in flames during late hours of the day, with a crowd gathered at a safe distance witnessing the tragic scene.
According to officials, all the goods of the shop were burnt to ashes. Shopkeeper Ramesh Gupta stated that he went home after closing his shop however within  a while he was informed about the smoke erupting from his shop. Upon reaching the shop he encountered dense smoke however within a span of  seconds the fire engulfed all the items of the shop.
According to reports, the shop stocked a variety of items including utensils, jewellery, quilts, mattresses, and cots, with estimated losses exceeding five lakh rupees due to a fire whose cause remains unknown. Large crowd gathered, who attempted to get the situation under control before the firefighters arrived and found the shop’s goods completely destroyed.
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