Massive landslide blocks national highway in northern India, traffic brought to standstill

Massive landslide blocks national highway in northern India, traffic brought to standstill

A massive landslide in northern India’s Himachal Pradesh, has caused significant traffic disruptions, leaving commuters stranded and the highway completely blocked.

The incident took place on the Paonta Sahib National Highway -707 Shilai in Sirmaur district on June 25.

Visuals showed a mountainside highway was experiencing a landslide, with debris and rocks tumbling down the slope. People were present at the scene, witnessing the dramatic event unfold. The sight of massive boulders and earth crashing onto the road created a chaotic and perilous atmosphere, as those nearby watched in alarm and concern.

The landslide, triggered by the cracking of the mountain, resulted in huge rocks tumbling down the mountainside, blocking the road entirely and bringing traffic to a standstill.

The highway closure has caused long queues of vehicles on both sides, leading to significant delays and disruptions for commuters and travelers. Local authorities are actively working to clear the substantial debris from the highway, but the process is expected to take several hours. In the meantime, the Sirmaur district administration has urged travelers to avoid the area and seek alternative routes.

Efforts are underway to ensure the highway is cleared and made safe for travel as soon as possible. Traffic personnel are on-site managing the situation and guiding commuters. The administration has requested travelers to remain patient and follow the instructions provided by the authorities.

The incident highlights the ongoing challenges posed by the region’s rugged terrain and the need for continued vigilance and preparedness in managing natural disasters.

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