Massive landslide strikes northern India, highway blocked

Massive landslide strikes northern India, highway blocked

A massive landslide hit the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway in northern India’s Jammu and Kashmir.

This incident happened in Ramban district on April 1.


Visuals showed stones and rocks falling down the hilly area. The intensity with which the boulders tumbled down the hill was scary to see as anyone beneath could have easily fallen victim to some serious injuries. Fortunately, there were no vehicles seen on the spot. An official of the administration was heard whistling for people to stay away as the rocks fell down. Later on, an excavator was seen being used to lift up the stones and clear the highway. But the timing of it was not correct as the landslide continued with few rocks smashing a tree log which came on its path. The officials who were engaged in clearance work were seen moving away in a bid to protect themselves from the shooting stones.


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