Massive python sneaks into car engine in northern India, rescued

Massive python sneaks into car engine in northern India, rescued

A massive python was rescued after it had sneaked into the engine area of a car in northern India’s Delhi.

This incident happened in Chittaranjan Park area in Delhi on October 16.


Visuals showed the snake resting on the car’s engine. The massive six-foot long reptile was found by the owner and he was expectedly shocked at this. Later on, a rescuer from a Non-governmental organisation (NGO) was seen taking out the snake from underneath the car and safely capturing and rescuing the creature. As per a report, the man informed Wildlife SoS, the NGO in question after he stumbled upon the snake in his car. The trained team members then went under the car to locate the snake which had entered the engine area by this time. The 6-foot-long snake, identified as an Indian rock python, was then carefully extricated.

The complicated procedure took over half an hour as the rescuer had to crawl underneath the car and locate the python before he could gently coerce it to show itself. Once the large reptile was located, it was then safely shifted to a bag and the healthy snake was handed to the forest officials who would release it back into the wild.

Later on, a 30-minute rescue operation followed where the python was taken out safely and put in a sack. The NGO reportedly handed the snake over to the forest authorities subsequently.

Kartick Satyanarayan, Co-founder and CEO, Wildlife SOS said, “Such incidents indicate how urbanisation is modifying habitat for species and elbowing them into corners, leaving no space for them. In this case the snake found itself no options but to get inside a car. Thankfully, the car owner was kind enough to contact Wildlife SOS and was patient while we rescued the snake. We have to be able to coexist with other creatures.”

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