Meet the water yogi: policeman in central India stuns with incredible water yoga skills

Meet the water yogi: policeman in central India stuns with incredible water yoga skills

In a remarkable display of dedication and skill, Bhagwandas Dahiya, a brave head constable from central India’s Madhya Pradesh, has achieved extraordinary feats in the realm of yoga. 


The incident took place inside a pool in Damoh district on June 21. 

Visuals showed Dahiya enter the water with folded arms before he crossed his legs and stretched out his arms, with closed eyes. His posture helped him stay floating on the water as he moved along with the light current in the river. He then proceeded to open his legs and stretch them along with his hands while floating in the water before folding them again. He performed this for one whole hour. 


Renowned for his unique ability to perform intricate yoga poses on water, Dahiya’s talent is attributed to what he describes as divine blessings from Lord Ram.


Speaking to Newslions, Constable Bhagwandas Dahiya said that he celebrated International Yoga Day by practiced yoga for continuous 3 hours inside water. He also said that he has been practising Yoga from the last 21 years.

Dahiya showcased his incredible prowess by effortlessly executing various yoga postures on water, including the Padmasana, Shavasana, and Hanumanasana. What most can only achieve on solid ground, Dahiya performs with ease on the water’s surface, leaving spectators in awe.

Dahiya’s commitment to yoga extends beyond personal health; he holds a three-hour record for water yoga and has performed in several Indian cities, including the Shipra River at Ujjain Kumbh, the Ganga River at Prayagraj Sangam, and the Narmada River at Bhedaghat, Bhimkund. His demonstrations emphasize the mantra, “Practice yoga and stay healthy,” showcasing the profound physical and mental benefits of yoga.


Recognized for his valour and unique contributions, Dahiya has been honored with the Rajveerata Award by the Madhya Pradesh Police and the Sahayog Award by the Madhya Pradesh Government. Despite his accolades, Dahiya seeks greater support and recognition from his fellow countrymen and government to further his mission of promoting yoga.


Dahiya’s exceptional talent even caught the attention of the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, who witnessed his water yoga performance through WhatsApp. However, for Dahiya’s mission to truly flourish, increased support and encouragement from both the public and government are essential. His dedication to spreading the message of health and wellness through yoga deserves widespread acknowledgment and backing.

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