Meet this ambidextrous girl from southern India who can memorise entire text books and has four records to her name!

Meet this ambidextrous girl from southern India who can memorise entire text books and has four records to her name!

Mastering the art of writing properly is a big deal for a child, let alone doing the same with two hands. And Aadi Swaroopa, a teen from southern India’s Karnataka, has seemingly made it possible with her skills of using both her hands to write simultaneously.

Visuals from December 2021 showed her writing simultaneously on a board with chalk. It did seem a difficult task but Swaroopa nailed it, writing casually and simultaneously with both her hands. What was even startling was the coordination she had with her between her hands, which were in perfect sync.

Swaroopa isn’t just ambidextrous but can write in 20 different styles. Hailing from Mangalore, the girl was earlier acknowledged as the Lata Foundation’s Exclusive World Record holder for her ability to write 45 words uni-directionally in one minute.

And if you thought that this was it, you are wrong. The highly-talented girl is also a holder of four records, with those being the following:

-Exclusive world record for writing 175 letters with both hands simultaneously in 1 minute. At the age of 15

-Guinness Book of records holder for creating a mosaic with Rubik’s cubes at the age of 13.

-Recognised as ‘Incredible Visual Memory Artist’ as she set a world record by drawing a painting of a 10th standard text book, completely from her memory, at the age of 15.

-Breaking her own record, as recognised by the Harvard Book of Records, for writing 60 words per minute, simultaneously. This too, at the age of 16!

Daughter to parents Gopadkar and Sumadkar, Swaroopa is pursuing PU-SSLC Leart in Self-Study at Swaroopa Research Centre. Come to think of it, achieving so many things is indeed a tough and appreciable ask for any child or teen.

Why Swaroopa is special is because she has been able to do all of this without receiving formal education and not being to school. Besides all of this, she also has a keen interest in music and dance, learning Yakshagana from Vidushi Sumangala Ratnakar for seven years. She also has been learning Bharatanatyam for a year.

Swaroopa also learns Hindustani music from Pandit Ravikaran Manipal. Besides this, she also has interest in writing stories in Kannada and English, playing guitar, keyboard, painting, making creative art portraits and also mimicry and beatboxing.

She also showcased her amazing memory power by remembering phone numbers. The teen also can write poetry and novels. In 2015, she released Aadiya Kathe Antya Nave Heli, a collection of stories and self-created one-man art exhibitions related to the stories.

By Souryaprokas Bhaduri and Sudipto Maity

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