Members of PDM storm Pakistan’s Supreme Court

Members of PDM storm Pakistan’s Supreme Court

Location Islamabad, Pakistan. Date: 2023-05-15

The members of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), attacked the Supreme Court of Pakistan, as police acted as a mute spectator.

The incident took place at the Supreme court of Pakistan in Islamabad on May 15.


Visuals showed the members of Pakistan democratic movement, an organised goons of a religious extremist party wearing yellow dress with sticks in their hand entered the Red zone and attacked the supreme court entrance.

Protesters stormed the apex court for allegedly providing “blanket relief” to former prime minister Imran Khan in a number of cases.

Many protesters, including workers and supporters of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F), made an entrance into the Red Zone despite Section 144 still in effect in the federal capital.

Hammad Azhar, Secretary General Central Punjab, slammed the police for allowing the ‘goons’ to attack the highest seat of judiciary.

“A religious militia that is also a govt alliance party has attacked the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The police stood by and allowed the seminary students to climb the gates of the Supreme Court. There are strong clues that the arson and rioting in the aftermath of Imran Khan’s arrest was also perpetrated by individuals that were planted in the peaceful crowd in civilian attire. This was followed by straight shooting at the protestors leading to dozens of deaths,” he wrote along with posting the video of the attack.

The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), headed by Maulana Fazlur Rehman and including about a dozen parties, had on 12 May announced to hold a protest rally outside the apex court’s building against its alleged partiality towards 70-year-old former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan who was set free by it after arrest in a corruption case.

The protest by the largest coalition partner of the government came as the authorities imposed a ban on political gatherings in the federal capital and also the military had been deployed to control any violence.

The protest in Islamabad’s Red Zone would raise serious questions about government policy of stopping rivals like Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf from political activity in the capital and looking the other way when its own partners bring protesters.


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