Miscreant throws bombs at residence in central India

Miscreant throws bombs at residence in central India

A male individual threw bombs and discharged gunfire at a residence in central India’s Madhya Pradesh.

The incident occurred near the Bharat Krishi Samaj School in the jurisdiction of Ghamapur Police Station in Jabalpur on May 8.

Visuals depicted an individual, carrying explosives in both hands, advancing on foot toward the residence. Upon reaching the destination, they sequentially launched the bombs. Although one failed to ignite, the other exploded, unleashing billowing smoke that pervaded the house and its vicinity. Prior to the attempted bombing, the individual paid respects at a nearby temple. Subsequently, they proceeded past Maan Singh Thakur’s residence, where he unleashed one bomb after another.

According to reports, Maan Singh Thakur, the resident, refused to pay extortion money. An individual identified as Anand Thakur endeavored to sow panic by bombarding the house.

Police reports indicate Thakur’s notoriety in the area for extorting protection money and intimidating residents and businessmen alike. Residents filed a formal complaint at Ghamapur Police Station, prompting a search operation to apprehend Thakur.

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