Monitor lizard rescued from terrace in central India

Monitor lizard rescued from terrace in central India

In a dramatic rescue in central India’s Madhya Pradesh, a monitor lizard sought refuge on the terrace of a three-story house to escape the oppressive heat.

The incident took place in Makronia area of Sagar district on June 9.

Visuals showed how the man with so much effort caught the lizard and put his head inside his mouth and then finally brought it out in the open.

The unexpected visitor caused panic among the residents, who quickly contacted local snake catcher Aqeel Baba.

Upon receiving the call, Aqeel Baba promptly arrived and initiated the rescue operation. The lizard was discovered hiding among pots on the terrace, and when approached, it leapt to another spot, showcasing its agility. After considerable effort, Aqeel successfully captured the monitor lizard.

Aqeel described the lizard as about one foot long and very agile. He explained that the current high temperatures and humidity likely drove the lizard to seek a cooler place. The lizard has been safely captured and will be released back into the wild.

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