Monkey creates menace at village in central India, rescued

Monkey creates menace at village in central India, rescued



A wild monkey was rescued after it caused a menace at the Chuhiya village in central India’s Chhattisgarh.

The incident happened in Chuiya village, Balco Range in the Korba district of the state on December 11.

Vishal showed the monkey sitting inside a small cavity on a wall inside of a house it had strayed into. The officials were seen in the area with a huge cage, in which they later trapped the animal. The wild monkey was then locked inside the cage and brought out in the open, where it was seen munching on guavas and biscuits inside the cage as a crowd gathered to see it.

According to a report, this monkey had created a ruckus in the village after it strayed from a nearby forest. It chased people and attempted to bite them and the locals felt it would return back to the forest.

But it didn’t and instead, went and sat inside the house that reportedly belonged to an old woman. The frightened woman came out of her house and informed everyone about this and soon, the information was given to the forest department.

Ranger Sanjay Lakra along with a rescue team led by Jitendra Sarathi reached the spot and brought the monkey out of the house. It was learnt that the wild monkey was later released into a forest far away from the village.

Korba district is home to a lot of wild animals that have often strayed into areas occupied by humans in search of food.

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