Monkey reaches clinic for treatment with its child in northern India

Monkey reaches clinic for treatment with its child in northern India

With its child in tow, a monkey rushed to a clinic for treatment in northern India’s Bihar.

The incident took place at a private clinic located in the Shahjama locality of Sasaram city of Rohtas district on June 2.

Visuals showed a doctor checking on the monkey with the help of a torch. He was trying to treat the monkey but it ran away.

Later the simian was seen lying beside its child on the bed. Meanwhile, locals gathered around the clinic to witness the amusing and rather unusual visual as news of the incident spread.

According to reports, in a private clinic located in Shahjama locality, an injured monkey reached for treatment with its child.

Dr. SM Ahmed, a general physician, in Shahjama locality treated the animal.

The monkey reached Ahmed’s Medico clinic with injury marks on its face. The source of its injury is yet to be ascertained.

Dr. Ahmed said that at first he himself was a little scared, but seeing the wound on the animal’s face, he did not take long to understand that this monkey was injured, and came to him for treatment.

The monkey sat their patiently and did not flinch when she was injected with a tetanus shot. Along with this, medicine was also applied on the wound. Not only this, but the monkey also lay down on the patient’s table with her child, presumably resting.

Later, the monkey left the clinic.

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