More than $2,396,160 cash seizure in eastern India linked to minister alamgir’s inner circle

More than $2,396,160 cash seizure in eastern India linked to minister alamgir’s inner circle

Eastern India’s Jharkhand witnessed a crackdown by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) as a significant cache of cash was seized in multiple raids.

The incident took place at Ranchi on May 6.

Visuals showed in a home targeted by the ED raid, a staggering amount of black money was discovered, painting a vivid picture of the extent of financial irregularities. The scene unfolds with stacks of currency notes piled high, creating a mountainous presence in the room.

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has unleashed a wave of raids across Jharkhand, unearthing a substantial pile of cash in what appears to be a concerted effort against corruption and money laundering. The operations, conducted under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA), have led to the seizure of cash from more than half a dozen locations. Among the targeted sites are properties linked to suspended Chief Engineer Veerendra Ram and several politicians. A huge amount of cash, estimated to be Rs 20 to 30 crore (USD 2,396,160 to 3,594,240) was recovered from the house help of Sanjiv Lal.

Notably, the ED has honed in on the residences of Minister Alamgir’s private secretary, where a significant amount of cash has been confiscated. Sources suggest that the seized cash amounts to millions, prompting the involvement of bank officials and counting machines for thorough assessment.

This crackdown echoes past actions, such as the raid at IAS officer Pooja Singhal’s premises two years ago, where 170 million rupees were seized. Currently, the ED’s focus remains intense, with ongoing raids in Ranchi and other locations.

Furthermore, the ED’s attention on cases associated with suspended Chief Engineer Veerendra Ram underscores a continuation of previous investigations. Ram was apprehended in February 2023 on allegations of money laundering and irregularities in project implementation. Following his arrest, the ED intensified scrutiny on his activities, leading to the current raids.

With the discovery of substantial cash during the recent raids, apprehensions of further arrests loom large. The ED’s relentless pursuit of financial malpractices reaffirms its commitment to upholding transparency and accountability in the state.

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