Municipal corporation initiates relief from sweltering heat with fogging machine in central India

Municipal corporation initiates relief from sweltering heat with fogging machine in central India

Amidst scorching temperatures in central India’s Madhya Pradesh, Municipal Corporation has introduced a novel initiative to provide respite from the blazing heat by deploying a fogging machine.

The incident took place at Teen Batti area of Sagar on May 25.

Visuals showed amidst the scorching heat, a fogging machine roamed the area, releasing a fine mist of water that gently fell upon the people below. As it moved through the streets, the machine sprayed a refreshing mist, offering relief from the oppressive heat. People gathered around, feeling the cool droplets as they provided a momentary respite from the sweltering temperatures. The scene resembled a light shower, but instead of rain clouds, it was a mechanical device bringing relief to those enduring the heatwave.

As the mercury soars to unprecedented levels, with temperatures hovering around or exceeding 46.2 degrees Celsius, residents of Sagar are grappling with the intensity of the heatwave. In response, the municipal corporation has undertaken measures to alleviate the discomfort experienced by its citizens. Under the guidance of Municipal Commissioner Rajkumar Khatri, reminiscent of practices observed in major metropolitan areas, a pioneering initiative has been launched to combat the oppressive heat.

The cityscape of Sagar witnessed a refreshing sight as the fogging machine, reminiscent of artificial rain, sprayed mist across three prominent intersections. This innovative approach, akin to water fogging, not only provided immediate relief to pedestrians and commuters but also garnered praise for the municipal corporation’s proactive stance amidst the sweltering conditions.

The initiative underscores the corporation’s commitment to the welfare of its residents, as it endeavors to mitigate the adverse effects of the blistering heatwave. With the deployment of fogging machines at key junctures throughout the city, Sagar Municipal Corporation aims to ensure that citizens find respite from the scorching sun, marking a significant step towards enhancing the livability of the urban environment.

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