Newly constructed bridge collapses before inauguration in northern India

Newly constructed bridge collapses before inauguration in northern India

In a startling incident, a newly constructed bridge over a river in northern India Bihar collapsed before it could be inaugurated.


The incident took place over Bakra river, Araria district on June 18.

Visuals showed how the massive structure broke down to rumbles.


According to reports, the bridge, built at a cost of ₹12 crores (approximately $1.5 million USD), was intended to connect the Sikhti and Kursakata blocks.


The collapse occurred during construction, triggered by a slight increase in the river’s water flow. The Padariya bridge, which was a significant infrastructure project supported by local MLA Vijay Kumar Mandal and MP Pradeep Singh, was seen as a crucial link for the community.

Just days prior, MLA Mandal had taken the Executive Engineer of the Rural Works Department to inspect the bridge, discussing plans for anti-erosion measures to be implemented before the flood season. Despite these precautions, three pillars of the bridge were washed away, causing the entire structure to submerge.


The incident has raised serious concerns about construction standards and oversight in the region. Local residents and officials are pointing to possible negligence by the contractor and the responsible department as contributing factors to the collapse. This event marks another setback in the state’s ongoing struggle with infrastructure development and maintenance.

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