Nine children injured after tin roof collapsed in western India

Nine children injured after tin roof collapsed in western India

Nine children were injured, five seriously, after a tin roof cover collapsed on a football turf in western India’s Maharashtra.

The incident took place near Gawan Baug in Upavan area of Thane on June 21.

Visuals showed a tin shed was seen collapsed onto the ground. Some of the children were trapped underneath the fallen shed, injured and unable to move. Their friends, who were not caught in the collapse, rushed to their aid, pulling them out from under the debris and carrying them to safety. The scene was chaotic, with the children working together desperately to rescue their trapped and injured friends.

Nine children sustained injuries when a tin cover above the terrace of a building collapsed on Friday night, a civic official reported. The incident occurred near Gawan Baug, where the children were playing football on a turf ground adjacent to the building.

According to the official, five of the injured children, who are students of Class IX and X, were seriously hurt and have been admitted to Bethany Hospital for treatment. The cause of the collapse is currently under investigation.

Local authorities, including officials from Vartak Nagar police station, have yet to provide further details about the incident. Emergency response teams were quickly dispatched to the scene to assist the injured and ensure the safety of the area.

The incident has raised concerns about the structural integrity of buildings and safety measures in the vicinity, prompting calls for a thorough inspection and necessary repairs to prevent such occurrences in the future.

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