Northern India’s floods: medical college evacuates patients as water levels rise

Northern India’s floods: medical college evacuates patients as water levels rise

The flood situation in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh has become dire as water released from dams has caused the rivers to overflow, inundating several areas, including the local medical college.


The incident took place in a Medical college in Shahjahanpur district and the video went viral on July 11.

Visuals showed outside a medical college, heavy rainfall had caused significant water accumulation, reaching considerable heights. Patients were being carefully transported to safer locations on stretchers through the deep water. The scene was chaotic, with medical staff and rescuers wading through the floodwaters, ensuring the safety and well-being of the patients amidst the challenging conditions.


The medical college in Shahjahanpur is severely affected, with floodwaters entering wards, causing significant distress for patients and hospital staff. Efforts are underway to relocate patients to unaffected zones within the college. Hospital staff and caregivers have begun shifting patients to safer areas within the facility.


With rising water levels in the rivers, floodwaters have reached multiple neighborhoods, prompting the deployment of Army personnel and NDRF teams for rescue operations. Residents of areas adjacent to the city are in a state of panic as the Garra River flows 5 centimeters above the danger mark at Azimganj Bridge. Authorities have warned that the water level at the bridge is expected to rise further.


In response to the flooding, several roads in Shahjahanpur have become partially submerged. To alleviate the situation, dividers on these roads have been broken using JCB machinery to allow water to flow to the other side, aiding in water drainage.


Shahjahanpur, situated along the banks of the Garra River, is facing continuous water level rises due to ongoing water releases and rainfall. Rescue operations led by police officers are underway to evacuate residents trapped by the floodwaters.

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