Nurses suspended for making viral reel with monkey in office premises in northern India

Nurses suspended for making viral reel with monkey in office premises in northern India

In an unexpected turn of events, six staff nurses from the district hospital of Medical College in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh have been suspended after a video of them making a reel with a monkey during duty hours went viral on social media.


The incident took place at  Bahraich Medical College in Bahraich on July 5.

Visuals showed the nurses seated with a small monkey jumping around on the table in front of them. The table also had government documents, which the monkey was seen tampering with, while the nurses played with it.


Six staff nurses at the Women’s District Hospital in Bahraich, affiliated with Bahraich Medical College, have been suspended following the creation and dissemination of a reel featuring a monkey. The nurses involved in the incident have been identified as Anjali, Aanchal Shukla, Kiran Singh, Priya, Poonam Pandey, and Sandhya Singh. On July 5th, during their duty hours in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, they dressed the monkey in clothes and recorded a reel with it. The video was subsequently uploaded and went viral on social media platforms.


The viral video caught the attention of the college principal, Dr. Sanjay Khatri, who deemed the act a serious breach of discipline. Emphasizing that such behaviour tarnished the reputation of the medical college, Dr Khatri promptly ordered the suspension of all six nurses and initiated a departmental inquiry against them. He stated, “Actions like these undermine the professional image of our institution. To prevent such incidents in the future, we have taken strict measures.

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