Officials rescue leopard after it falls into well in central India

Officials rescue leopard after it falls into well in central India

A leopard was rescued by forest department officials after it had fallen into a well in central India’s Madhya Pradesh.

This incident happened in Khurda village in Mhow tehsil, Indore district on December 19.

Visuals showed the leopard hanging onto the wall of the well. It hung on for dear life and had it slipped, it could have well drowned in the water as well. Mhow forest department officials were seen arriving at the spot. They worked hard together to lower a massive steel cage into the well for the leopard to enter into. The cage was tied with ropes from all directions and these men slowly lowered the cage and brought it close to the wild animal, which got in. The cage was subsequently brought out of the well and later loaded on the back of the vehicle. According to a report, the villagers spotted the leopard inside the well and informed the forest department. Aged two years, the big cat was brought out of the well and was examined by veterinary doctors who treated the animal for an injury it sustained while falling into the well.

A massive crowd had gathered in the area and the forest department also needed the help of the police to control the people. It was also learnt that the last six months has witnessed several tigers and leopards move about in the area with an instance of a farmer being killed, happening as well.


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