Officials rescue several passengers after train derails in northern India

Officials of the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) and National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) swooped in to rescue the victims of the deadly track accident that rocked northern India’s Bihar.

This happened when the 12056 North East Express derailed near the Raghunathpur station near Buxar on October 11.


Visuals showed the officials attempting to rescue the people who were trapped inside the train. A stretcher was lowered into one of the shattered windows from where people were seen attempting to come out. Officials tried reach every corner of the train to save those who were trapped with announcements going on in the background. Also, a huge crowd had gathered at the spot where this accident took place.

According to a report, four people have died and atleast 50 left injured when the Assam-bound train derailed. The train’s loco-pilot suffered injuries along with his assistant. Those injured were rushed to the AIIMS in Patna for treatment. Also, a preliminary investigation revealed that there was a fault in the tracks due to which this accident happened.


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