Old man caught carrying child in bag, in southern India

Old man caught carrying child in bag, in southern India

A shocker of an incident has come to the fore of an old man carrying a child in a bag, in southern India’s Andhra Pradesh.

This incident happened in Kondapally, NTR district of the state on August 28.


Visuals showed the baby being taken to the Primary Health Centre in Kondapally. The child was fed milk and taken care of by the medics. The bag in which the old man was carrying the baby was also seen. According to a report, this matter came to light when an auto-driver found it out when the old man was travelling in his vehicle. The baby, kept in the bag, cried and it alerted the auto-driver who then found out about this. The auto-driver stopped the vehicle and checked the old man’s bag to find the child inside much to his shock. He instantly informed the police about this incident.

The cops directed him to go to the hospital where the child was taken care of. The police then caught the old man and interrogated him. The man revealed that the child was given to him by the parents. A woman from Jangareddygudem had given birth to twins at a private hospital in Vijayawada. The couple then handed over one of these two children, who was not well to this old man with the help of a nurse. The man stated that he carried the baby in the bag as he wasn’t able to walk properly.

It was also learnt that the child was seriously ill and the medical staff are on the lookout for the parents. The cops have begun an investigation into this matter to find out what had actually happened. They are also interrogating the old man.


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