Out-of-control car rams into seven students and eight others in northern India

Out-of-control car rams into seven students and eight others in northern India

Location NH 727, Champaran, northern India's Bihar. Date: 2023-06-06

A speeding vehicle plowed through a group of eight individuals, leaving six school students in critical condition in northern India’s Bihar.

The incident took place on NH 727 near Hero Bike Agency on the Betiya-Loria route in Champaran on June 6.

Visuals showed the students riding their bicycles on the left side of the road. The Bolero driver mistakenly went to the wrong side and hit all of them. All the girls fell on the road along with their bicycles.

In Loria Mela ground of West Champaran, a group of students riding bicycles to coaching classes were hit from behind by an out-of-control Bolero vehicle, leaving eight people injured, including seven girls. With the help of passersby, the police immediately rushed all the injured to the Loria Community Health Center for prompt medical attention.

Local doctors, observing the critical condition of six students, referred them to Betiya for better treatment after providing initial medical aid. Meanwhile, one student and one laborer, having minor injuries, were treated and discharged.

Mamta Kumari, Pooja, Anjali, Antima, Sandhya, and Chhoti Kumari are among the seriously injured. All the students belong to Baswaria village, and their ages are approximately 14-15 years. On the other hand, Nirmala and Navka Tola villagers, laborer Brijesh Patel, after receiving primary treatment, have been discharged.


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