Overturned oil tanker causes traffic chaos in southern India

Overturned oil tanker causes traffic chaos in southern India

An overturned oil tanker in southern India’s Andhra Pradesh caused a major traffic jam on Wednesday, drawing crowds of locals eager to collect the spilled oil.


The incident took place in Pedda Nemalipuri village of Rajupalem mandal of Palnadu district on June 19.

Visuals showed after an oil-laden truck overturned, a large crowd gathered on the road. People came from their homes, carrying buckets to collect the oil spilling from the truck. The scene was chaotic, with a palpable sense of urgency and excitement among the crowd. Amidst this commotion, a JCB machine was present, working to move the truck aside to clear the way for other vehicles. The environment was one of confusion and hustle, with the overturned truck at the center of the activity and the JCB diligently trying to restore order.


According to reports the accident caused significant disruption, with traffic backed up for kilometers as people flocked to the scene to collect the spilled oil.


Local authorities, including the police, promptly responded to the incident and are working diligently to manage the situation, moving the overturned tanker aside and attempting to control the crowd. Despite their efforts, the incident drew a large number of villagers, creating a chaotic scene.


Traffic flow was severely affected, with vehicles stranded for long stretches as authorities dealt with the spill and the gathering crowd.

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