Painful! Dog mourns loss of companion, sits beside carcass on road in southern India

Just like humans, animals too experience emotions and this will certainly hit an emotional chord in your hearts. A dog mourned the loss of its companion as it sat quietly beside its carcass in southern India’s Karnataka.

This incident took place in Bengaluru on November 29.


The moving scene by the side of the road featured the canine sitting quietly without making a single noise with the carcass of its loved one beside it. The carcass laid beside a drain and the dog who mourned this loss sat quietly, seemingly shocked by the death. Not just humans but animals too experience sorrow, pain and every major emotion but it is just that they aren’t able to express them as profoundly and accurately as people can and do. This dog stands as an example.

The cause of the death of the other dog remains unknown but the one who mourned this demise appeared to have been tremendously affected by it. As mentioned before, the animal’s expression might not have been very clear but the fact that it sat quietly beside the carcass without looking at it and wasn’t fazed by anything around that was happening, speaks volumes of the feeling of loss it experienced.


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